Historical Investigation 2020

How far was life the same for everyone in Singapore during the Japanese Occupation?

This Historical Investigation (HI) focuses on the experiences of people living in Singapore during the Japanese Occupation. Consider Japanese treatment of locals and how the locals coped with the changes implemented by the Japanese. Were the experiences of various groups similar?

Step 1:

On your own, choose ONE group of locals in Singapore to focus on.

Step 2:

Individually, do research to find TWO source evidence (pictorial or written) that  describes or shows how life was like during the Japanese Occupation for your selected group of people. 

Step 3:

Individually, conduct inference(This is a smart guess) on the source to decide if the source shows a negative or positive impact. 

Step 4:

Consolidate the information you have found. Include key evidence and inferences.

Step 5:

To conclude the investigation, complete these tasks:


  1. Each individual will have to write a poem on whether you think the Japanese Occupation was harmful for Singapore. A minimum of 5 lines is acceptable.

  2. Create a drawing or collage of picture cut-outs to illustrate your poem. Be creative!

  3. Write a short explanation of your poem and picture.  Submit your entry to             



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